Website Promotion

Those of you, who have online business probably, know that only being listed in a few search engines doesn’t help the business. It’s important to rank high in as many leading search engines as possible.Satya Search helps you to achieve just that. We have the manpower that is trained and specialized in helping websites to rank higher on search engines. We have the better idea on what your business needs, what the search engines want and how to deliver on the same.

We offer internet marketing through:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The main purpose of SEO is to increase the traffic counts of a website by making it rank higher in the search results for the keywords. The main mission of SEO is to improve the quality of the make the site’s content. SEO does that by making the content more relevant and competent than the content of the competitions. We will help you to do the grouping together of the website build , keyword specific domains, search engine compatible websites and good original keyword specific content. These are all integral parts of obtaining top rankings on the Internet. If the best keywords are entered in a search engine, the leading sites in the rankings are listed. So, to get traffic for content, it needs to rank higher than those top sites. Our free site and full services optimize and improve your search engine traffic by search engine optimization tools, site assessments and other services.

SMO (Search Media Optimization)

SMO is done to get the targeted online users or people and convert them into company’s loyal users. It is also referred to as Social Media Marketing (SMM). It is in fact, an integral part of web promotion and advertising of products, services or events globally. We can help you to develop an effective SMO strategy by:

  • Improving your company’s brand awareness
  • Driving good traffic and conversions rates to your website
  • Engaging your product with the target audiences

The main purpose of SMO, in general terms is to improve a site’s visibility on social networking sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. This helps to create publicity for the brand and increase the brand reputation.